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Spring River: Offering Great Location and Great Office and Warehouse Space

"Location," is the watchword when talking about Spring River Business Park. Set on 18 acres, east of downtown Louisville along the River Road corridor, Spring River has been providing high-quality office and warehouse space since 1999.

The complex is comprised of five buildings totaling approximately 215,000 square feet. While the majority of the space is designed for offices, Spring River has flex space available to accommodate the needs of tenants.

Operating at 100% occupancy the businesses that call Spring River home include a wide range of local and national entities. Two non-profit organizations are headquartered here along with computer, insurance and health care businesses, as well as an office furniture company.

Not surprisingly, tenants talk enthusiastically about Spring River and again the word "location" is repeated over and over. Selling points include:

easy access to downtown, Indiana and all the major interstates serving the area;
•  parking is free;
•  some of the finest restaurants in the city are close-by; and the natural beauty and park-like setting, in close proximity of the Ohio River

According to Barbara Newton, Chief Operations Officer for Precision Healthcare Delivery, it was these very reasons that the company chose to lease offices in Spring River more than 6 years ago. "It's all about the location. With the landmark of the Water Tower and easy access off I-71, it's easy for our clients to find us. Moreover they don't have to deal with the congestion of downtown or the traffic that characterizes other office parks in the east end."

Doug Stough, a Partner at Neace Lukens echoes the same sentiments. "We have employees that commute from all over - from the east, west and south end of Louisville. But in addition, close to 40% of our work force lives in Indiana," Stough explains. "With access to all the major interstates within minutes of Spring River, it's a huge plus for our employees and our clients alike."

He goes on, "I can get anywhere I need to quickly. The space is a good value. Parking isn't an issue, and it's free. And then there's the setting. It's just beautiful with the green spaces and the river views. It's a win/win situation."

Both Newton and Stough state that the quality of the "on-site" management is another important feature of Spring River. That on-site management is under the watchful eye of businessman Paul Bickel. Bickel, who developed the Spring River complex, has been closely involved in the evolution of the River Road corridor. Currently he serves as President of the River Road Business Association.

"The River Road corridor provides a great place to live, work and play," Bickel states, "and as we've seen from other cities, the impact of waterfront development can and will be transformational for our community."


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2205 River Road
Lousville, Kentucky 40206

(502) 587-9000 voice
(502) 587-1032 fax

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